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Brow Pomades vs Brow pencils

Today I want to teach you the formula to get natural looking big brows. what make up is best to create the look, yes, I have seen those harsh block eye brows that look like they have been drawn on! No no no my beauties let’s make them look like, I was born with these brows.

Brow pencils are often too harsh for some people. They can cause irritation and even leave behind a residue that makes your eyebrows look unnatural. If you want a softer, more natural look, try using brow pomade instead. Pomades are waxes that are applied directly to the brow hairs. The result is a soft, smooth brow that looks naturally defined you'll be your own brow expert soon 

What does eyebrow pomades do?

Brow pomades are perfect for people who want a softer, more subtle brow definition. They are ideal for those who don’t want to draw attention to their brows. Pomades are also great for people who want to achieve a clean, sharp brow shape. the create hair like strokes on the brow, brow pomades are a pigmented formulas perfect for day wear they have a long-lasting formula

What type of formula do they have?

The have a buildable formula and the best brow tool to use, a good choice for beginners and make up professionals some brow pomades have water proof formulas versatile shades doesn't matter what skin type you have they go on like a cream, formula smooth consistency and create natural matte finish.

How long have brow pomades been around?

Brow pomades have been around since the early 1900s. However, they were not widely used until the 1960s when women began wearing makeup on a daily basis. Since then, brow pomades have become one of the most popular products in cosmetics.

Brow pomade comes in many different formulas. Some are made with oils while others use beeswax. You can choose from a wide range of colours and shades to find the right colour that matches your skin tone. With all these options available, it is easy to find a brow pomade that works best for you.

Are pomades good for the brows?

Yes! Pomades are great for keeping hair soft and shiny, but they can also help keep eyebrows looking neat and tidy. They come in several different forms, including waxes, gels, creams, and oils. Waxes are most commonly used, but I prefer using a cream or oil because it feels lighter on the skin.


How long do brow pomades last?

Pomades are usually long lasting. But if you apply them incorrectly, they may flake off after just a few hours. It makes your eyebrows look thicker and fuller. brow do brow pomades look natural. no harsh lines to create perfect brow you can create a dramatic brow as well because they have a pigmented formula without looking harsh because pomades create hair like lines and perfect for all you bold brow lovers. you are your own brow artist! 

Brow application for brow pomades

Here's how to apply eyebrow gel! This step-by-step tutorial covers everything you Eyebrow gel is an essential part of any beauty routine. It helps define your eyebrows and keep them groomed throughout the day. But what if your eyebrows are already perfectly shaped? Or maybe you just need a little help keeping them tidy. we give you step by step you how to apply eyebrow gel.

  1. Use and angled brush and fill in your gaps by creating upward stroke like application 
  2. To shade your whole brow and create a bigger brow get a brush spoolie and brush upward through the brown with a small dip in to the pomade 

Different types of brow products/pomades that I love and are worth getting your hands on! 

Anastasia Beverly hills 

 I love this stuff Anastasia Beverly hills are eye brow legends and know quite well in the industry this stuff is smudge proof long wearing lovely pigments it comes in a 4g pot and Rrp price £19 you can find it at

Nyx brow pomade

I love Nyx they are loved by makeup artist; this matte cream works as hard as its counter parts it long lasting has a cream like consistently. to be honest. 0.8 g of product for £8 on worth a buy!

Serenity Hue brow pomade

 I love Serenity Hue- Fuel and Tint its a great creamy formula for all skin types pomade contains super yummy ingredients for the brow, castor oil argon oil is just to name a few. Stays on all day matte buttery formulas vegan, zero waste and the best part is it contains a whopping 35g Rrp price of £16.95 which is a great bargain.



Brow pomades are a must have in every makeup bag whether you want to add some definition to your brows or simply make them look more defined. they are not only useful for defining your brows but also for keeping them tidy during the day.

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