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What is Eyebrow Baking?

Despite the name, eyebrow baking does not involve the application of any heat, or any eggs, flour, and sugar! Instead it’s simply a great way to create flawless brows. 

 We like to think of ourselves as experts in eyebrow baking which is why our first ever product was Fuel and Bake, a much loved eyebrow powder. 

How to bake your brows? 

Eyebrow baking can take as little as a minute, or you can leave it to set while you do the rest of your makeup, and it certainly doesn’t involve any ovens!

Baking your brows creates a more natural and softened look – so it’s great if you like to fully fill your brows but don’t want it to look too harsh. By following this simple baking technique you’ll get soft, full brows that last ALL day long!


Here’s how: 

  1. Once you’ve filled in and sculpted your brows take a dense and stiff brush and apply a loose translucent setting powder on to your brows. You can apply it all over, or on a particular area you want to add more density. Your brows might look a bit crazy here but don’t worry you’ll brush away the excess powder. 
  2. Wait one minute, or even longer to let the powder set, and for your body temperature to bake on the makeup. We tend to suggest around 5 minutes works really well. 
  3. Using a clean brush, remove any excess powder. Try brushing your brows upwards, for a thicker browed look and follow the shape of your brow from arch to tail 


Who else bakes their brows? 

For over 5 years now, Kardashian star and makeup mogul, Kylie Jenner has spoken out about how she bakes her brows to achieve a red carpet, glamour look. You can even watch tutorials of Kylie doing the method above on YouTube. 

Ever thought how incredible Kylie looks? Ever envied her brows, well it’s time to start baking!

Why should you bake your eyebrows? 

Well as well as giving you that celebrity look it has its advantages. Baking allows the heat from your face to set your makeup base, hence the name “baking”. It gives your brows a smooth, creaseless finish that lasts for hours. So whether you’re out enjoying the warm weather, doing exercise, or on a sweaty commute you’ll have bulletproof brows that look flawless all day long. 


Pro tip: baking isn’t just for brows, you can use a similar method with the rest of your makeup too!


The cons of eyebrow baking

Most eyebrow baking techniques use a face powder, which can clog your pores, especially if this is something you do regularly. By applying makeup anywhere on your face all day you won’t be letting your skin breathe which can cause acne breakouts and irritated and unhappy skin. 


Can I bake my brows with something else? 

If you want to achieve that eyebrow baking look without the side effects it will be better to use something that doesn’t clog up your pores. That’s why we’ve created Fuel and Bake, al powder that helps you achieve the same look, using the Kylie Jenner approved technique without the side effects. 

Think about it, your eyelids are the thinnest part of your skin on your face, so are therefore the most sensitive and need the most care and attention. 

The ingredients in Fuel and Bake therefore help support healthier-looking skin overall. It increases skin elasticity and firmness while the kaolin clay acts as a gentle skin exfoliant and cleanser to keep your pores clean and unclogged. Fuel and Bake naturally works to help your skin maintain its pH which helps maintain the skin’s natural barrier function, protecting you from absorbing any nasty pollutants.

Is a Fuel and Bake better for my skin and hair? 

Absolutely! Fuel and Bake uses ingredients that actually enhance the health of your skin and hair on your brows. With just four ingredients it’s also 100% Vegan which can be so rare with other beauty and makeup products. 

The minerals in fuel and bake hello support healthier-looking skin overall while allowing you to create natural looking, flawless brows. The fuel element helps you to create a maximum volume, matte look that you can bake on for bulletproof staying power. 

The simple list of ingredients also allows new cells to come to the surface of the skin, and removes old dead cells for smoother and healthier skin. 

If you’ve been treating your brows for some time with dyes, tints, microblading, lamination, waxing, threading, or plucking techniques you’ll likely have seen increased skin sensitivity in that area and less hair growth. By using high quality products that are kind to your skin like Fuel and Bake you’ll start to repair the damage you’ve been doing with other treatments. 

 What’s more, you can use Fuel and Bake alongside one of our other treatments such as Fuel and Style which will help you refine your look, tame your brows, and moisturise and condition your skin and brows with a whole host of brow superfoods to absolutely supercharge your look. 

Ready to get baking? 

This really is the brow trend that has been a beauty secret for far too long. And it is so simple too! Low effort, yet maximum results. 

Rather than putting your brows through abrasive and often invasive procedures just leave Fuel and Bake on your brows for a few minutes and you’ll have achieved a front row look with serious staying power!

Plus, you don’t need to be a wannabe contestant on the Great British Bake Off or a pro chef to achieve this bake - no oven required!


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