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A guide to clear eyebrow gel and its uses

Are you looking to achieve brows that are the envy of all of your friends? Clear eyebrow gel is a fantastic tool to create the perfect brow.

Clear eyebrow gel is a brilliant way to shape your brows and help you to achieve a polished editorial look. Here we help you uncover the beauty of clear eyebrow gel.

Achieve a natural editorial look

A transparent gel grooms your brows, and seals in any pencil or makeup that you’ve applied to fill in any sparse areas.

It helps you tame any stray hairs and achieve a polished look. This is a go too tool for makeup artists the world over and is a fantastic addition to any makeup bag, especially if you’re looking to achieve a natural “no makeup” look.

Create the illusion of a bigger brow

It goes without saying that thicker brows are in! The look made famous by Cara Delevingne and Daenerys Targaryen is well and truly here to stay.

When applying brow gel, try working it diagonally upwards, in the direction from root to the eyebrow hairs’ tip. By using an upward stroke technique you spread your brows out, creating the illusion of a thicker brow.

Adding structure to your face with higher arched brows

For those of us with round faces a higher arched brow can help add more definition to your face. In addition, you’ll notice that some celebrities use a higher arched brow to create a lifted look, tricking the eye to create a more youthful look.

You can achieve this by applying a product like Fuel and Bake to emphasize the arch. Use on the inside of the brow at the tips and the outside of the brow where the arch is. Allow to “bake” for a minute or more, remove the excess powder and then apply some Fuel and Style gel to tame the hairs into the desired shape.

Use a brow gel to thicken your brows and improve their shape

Fuel and style acts as both a clear brow gel and a conditioner for your brows. This way you get the advantage of an easy way to quickly style and create perfect brows while you make your brows healthier with natural ingredients.

Fuel and style locks in moisture and can help keep the skin firm and plump. The anti-allergenic and anti-inflammatory properties soothe easily irritated skin. For sufferers with brow dandruff, or mild psoriasis of eczema this can be an amazing moisturiser.

Fuel and Style contains naturally occurring protein that increases the eyebrow hairs’ ability to retain moisture. It also adds volume, and reduces the hairs’ porosity which is a sign of hair damage for ultraviolet light and past treatments.

Key ingredients include:

Castor oil is rich in ricinoleic acid—a type of fatty acid that is proven to fight inflammation. It enhances hair follicles and, in turn, promotes hair growth and protects against hair loss.

Castor oil is proven to moisturise the hair follicles and ease dandruff, which can occur in damaged brows or if you have sensitive skin.

Argan oil is a popular moisturiser for skin and hair. Research suggests that the fatty acids in argan oil support healthy, hydrated skin and reduce hair damage. Argan oil is also a rich source of vitamin E, which is required for healthy skin, hair and eyes. This vitamin also has powerful antioxidant properties.

Argan is the main source of protein in Fuel and Style and is rich in essential fatty acids and proteins. These nutrients help you mitigate cuticle damage which may have been caused by over-plucking, waxing, or threading, and promotes follicle health.

Grapeseed oil has been used as a natural remedy for baldness for many years. The linolenic acid in the oil is thought to stimulate hair growth. Although a lot of oils, like olive and coconut, are good for your hair they can leave it feeling greasy and weighed down and can clog your pores. Grapeseed however, is lightweight and doesn’t have that effect.

Grapeseed also contains vitamin E and vitamin C which both help your skin become more efficient and effective at preserving itself.

What products should you be using brow gel alongside?

If you’ve been using products and getting your brows shaped for some time your brows may well be very damaged and the hair of your brows may become thin. That’s why we suggest using Fuel and Bake as a primer to infill your brows. Rather like an eyebrow pencil, but more natural and far more reliable, Fuel and Bake, is long lasting and uses natural ingredients that also help improve the health of your brows.

Apply it with a brush to infill any bald or thin patches, leave to bake, and then wipe away the stray powder. Once primed, apply some clear brow gel, Fuel and Style, to complete the look. By focusing on your brows you can frame your face, achieve a natural look, and not need to worry about applying much, if any, more makeup!

Ready to get the perfect brow?

Clear eyebrow gel really is a tool we should all be using and should be in your makeup bag at all times. A lot of gels though use unnatural ingredients which can be tough on your skin and are bad for the environment, which is why we created Fuel and Style with natural ingredients. We know that style and looking flawless doesn’t need to damage our skin and require harsher and harsher treatment but instead can actually make our hair and skin healthier with every use.

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