Brow Trends of 2023: Mastering the Art of the Arch

Brow Trends of 2023: Mastering the Art of the Arch

In the ever-evolving cosmos of beauty, eyebrows have prominently asserted their throne. As we voyage through 2023, let’s unfold the brow trends that are not just turning heads but also redefining expressions. With the right approach, anyone can harness these styles to enhance their natural allure.

The Rise of the 'Fluffy Brow'

This year, we celebrate the rise of the fluffy brow—a trend that champions volume and texture. The Serenity Hue Fuel & Lamination clay is a tribute to this trend. Infused with nourishing elements like Amazonian clay and argan oil, it’s not just about holding hairs in place; it’s about enriching each strand with the sustenance it deserves.

Bold and Angular: A Statement of Precision

Angular brows have carved a niche for themselves, sculpting a narrative of boldness and precision. To master this, precision is key—a task made effortless with our Fuel & Tint Brow Tinting Mud. This product doesn’t just tint; it fortifies with grapeseed oil and coconut oil, ensuring that while you sculpt the perfect angle, your brows remain a bastion of health.

The Naturalist’s Dream: Soft and Untamed

The antithesis to precision, the natural, untamed look is for the effortless beauty enthusiast. Our Brow Conditioning Gel speaks to this trend. It’s not merely about style; it's a celebration of natural growth, empowered by castor oil and argan oil, which whisper promises of thickness and vitality.

Brow Lightening: A Subtle Nod to the Avant-Garde

Subtly lightened brows are emerging, offering a soft but avant-garde edge to facial features. For those daring to experiment, our brow collection provides the perfect palette for customisation while ensuring every application is an act of care for your skin and hair.

Embracing Silver: The Silver Fox Brow

Silver strands are no longer a sign of aging but a statement of sophistication. Our products, rich in oils and butters, help maintain the silver sheen, offering a lustrous backdrop for the Silver Fox trend that's gracing both runways and sidewalks.



As brow trends continue to evolve, Serenity Hue remains at the vanguard, blending fashion with function. It’s clear that 2023 is more than a year for new styles; it’s a horizon of health and empowerment for the discerning individual. Embrace these trends with us, and let your brows speak the language of contemporary beauty.






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