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What is eyebrow lamination?

Maybe you’ve had your brows laminated before, or maybe you’re considering booking into the salon to get them laminated for the first time but have you ever stopped to ask yourself “what is eyebrow lamination?”

Eyebrow lamination is a relatively new procedure that focuses on creating shiny and smooth brows. It’s also sometimes referred to as an eyebrow perm and is popular with people experiencing thinning or unruly brows.

So what is eyebrow lamination?

Brow lamination is a procedure that most people have done in a salon but there are kits available to do it yourself. It’s not microblading, so doesn’t involve any needles and it isn’t a tint so doesn’t tend to involve any dyes. Instead it is a way of semi permanently shaping the brow, hence the other name of “eyebrow perm”.

A procedure in a salon usually takes around an hour and includes the following steps:

  1. A beauty therapist will apply a cream to your brows that aims to “lift” up your hairs.
  2. Your hairs are then brushed upwards to pull them into a uniform vertical direction
  3. A “neutraliser” is applied to seal the brows in place
  4. A nourishing oil or moisturiser is applied to help prevent skin irritation or dryness that can be caused by the chemicals in the perm.

What does brow lamination achieve?

By spreading out the brows and pulling them in a uniform direction, brow lamination hides any bald patches that you may have. It also creates the illusion of the bigger brow, creating a shape by spreading out the brow hairs

Brow lamination is therefore used to create a trendier, thicker brow.

What sort of chemicals are used?

Brow lamination is not a natural process and tends to use either thioglycolic acid or ammonium thioglycolate to semi permanently straighten and shape your brows.

Thioglycolic acid is used in a lot of permanent hair straightening treatments but is also used in the production of vinyl plastic.

Ammonium thioglycolate is another chemical used to straighten hair.

Both of these chemicals are not without their side effects. Dermatologists have warned that as the eyelid is where the skin is at its thinnest and most delicate it is particularly prone to reactions. Harsh chemicals in brow lamination could cause eczema or allergic reactions.

Additionally, getting these chemicals in your eye could cause life altering damage. In the USA the FDA warns against brow tinting and lamination for this very reason.

What’s more, brow lamination also damages the hairs themselves. Overprocessing hair with chemicals, dyes, and bleaches can cause breakage, dryness, and even loss of hairs, and the same is true for eyebrow hairs.

In lamination processes, the chemicals break the bonds in the hair, thereby changing the structure and texture of the hair which is unnecessarily damaging to hair.

How often do you need to laminate your brows?

Most salons suggest having brow lamination every 6 to 8 weeks so around 7 times per year. This means that you’re putting your brows under a lot of chemical processes, regularly.

Long term, baldness is likely to increase and the quality of the eyebrow skin and hair will decrease.

So what’s the alternative?

Let’s face it, the look achieved by brow lamination is very fashionable, so understandably it’s a look we all want to replicate.

Fuel and Laminate is a natural alternative without the harsh side effects. It provides you with a non-invasive, temporary alternative which helps you to create the highest arch, the thickest brows. You’ll get bushier, matte, more defined yet natural looking brows for an off duty, high fashion look.

It’s simple to use too. Just follow these three steps for flawless brows:

  1. Lightly dip bamboo brush in to brow clay
  2. Brush through the brows setting in upward direction, shape till satisfied
  3. Use a clean brush to smooth out after application to create matte lamination brows

What are the ingredients of Fuel and Laminate?

Instead of damaging the skin and hair around your brows like every invasive treatment on the market, we design our products to actually improve the quality of your skin and hair.

We use natural ingredients that are beneficial and will lead to better brows moving forward. Win – win!

Cetearyl is an alcohol that acts as an emollient which makes this an effective ingredient for soothing and healing dry skin. It’s considered safe and nontoxic for use on the skin and hair and is also not drying or irritating like other types of alcohol. Because of this, and its chemical structure, cetearyl alcohol is even permitted by the FDA in the USA to be used in products labeled “alcohol-free.

Kaolin clay is used in cleansers and face masks particularly for those with sensitive skin. It reduces oiliness and purifies and detoxifies the pores, removing dirt, grime, pollution, and germs. It’s a fantastic ingredient to soothe sensitive and easily irritable skin and is a mild yet very effective brow cleanser.

Castor oil is rich in ricinoleic acid—a type of fatty acid that is proven to fight inflammation. It enhances hair follicles and, in turn, promotes hair growth and protects against hair loss – even for brow hairs!

It’s proven to moisturise the hair follicles and ease dandruff, which can occur in damaged brows or if you have sensitive skin.

Caprylic/capric triglyceride creates a barrier on the hair’s surface, decreasing the amount of moisture lost. As well as preventing dryness of the hair and skin, it also acts as a hair conditioning agent. Due to the structure containing both wax and fatty acid, it does not clog pores and is suitable for use by people with oily skin.

Synthetic Beeswax is a vegan alternative that contains emulsifiers, which help retain moisture in the skin. This is especially helpful for dry skin.

Glycerin is truly a wonderful ingredient when it comes to skincare. It eliminates dandruff, and moisturises the skin helping the skin absorb and retain moisture. It is deeply conditioning and has antimicrobial properties that can help treat itchiness, which occurs due to dryness or damage.

Additionally, glycerin helps in strengthening your hair, preventing it from breaking and other forms of damage. It keeps your shaft intact and prevents the development of split-ends, which happen in brow hairs too!

Argan oil is a popular moisturiser for skin and hair. Research suggests that the fatty acids in argan oil support healthy, hydrated skin and reduce hair damage. Argan oil is also a rich source of vitamin E, which is required for healthy skin, hair and eyes. This vitamin also has powerful antioxidant properties.

Argan is a source of protein, and is rich in essential fatty acids and proteins. These nutrients help you mitigate cuticle damage which may have been caused by over-plucking, waxing, or threading, and promotes follicle health.

Proponents also claim that argan oil can treat a broad range of skin conditions, including acne, eczema, psoriasis, burns, and skin infections.

Still booking that brow lamination appointment?

Now you know what eyebrow lamination is and that there are healthier alternatives we’d be surprised if you still book yourself in.

Why not try a healthier, natural alternative, and use Fuel and Lamination, for killer brows without the side effects?

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