Our Story

As the mind behind Serenity Hue, my journey began in the realm of biomedical science. My days were spent in state-of-the-art labs, where I honed my skills in developing and testing innovative formulas for renowned organizations such as Johnson and Johnson. I conducted clinical trials and collaborated with the NHS, ensuring that the highest standards were met.

A decade into this profession, a twist of fate had me assisting my sister at her salon. It was there, amidst the hum of beauty treatments and the vibrancy of customer interactions, that I found a new passion. From a humble beginning with a single beauty chair dedicated to threading eyebrows, we witnessed our venture flourish within a year.

But as the business grew, so did the challenges. I met customers who suffered from various brow issues due to over-tinting and over-plucking. I observed a distressing trend: brows that had endured excessive damage and received little care. This spurred a realization—there existed a niche within the beauty industry for products that not only beautify but also rejuvenate.

With this insight, I channeled my scientific expertise into developing brow products that do more than just enhance. I meticulously crafted tints and styles that not only offer an impeccable look but also encourage brow hair growth.

The result of this labor of love and science was the creation of the ultimate brow range: Serenity Hue – a line crafted to tint, style, and enhance brow health without compromising its integrity.

Step into the world of Serenity Hue, and treat your brows with the adoration they deserve. Because every brow tells a story, and I'm here to ensure it's a beautiful one.

Shabina, Founder of Serenity Hue